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Originally Posted by litebeam View Post
And this jewel right here might be the most ridiculous and ironic posting that I have ever read here.

Try finding just one climate change headline that isn't predicated with the obligatory helping verb or doublespeak: Scientists suspect... experts believe... climate sources wonder... temperatures could... water levels might... It's possible that...
I could go on ad nauseum and never cover all of the waffling verbiage that these these 'experts' use in presenting their 'facts.'

DMW, I have things to do, perhaps I'll comment on this further when I get the chance, but suffices to say that my skepticism starts with distrust in the scientists themselves. I learned at a young age to 'question authority," remember when people (especially liberals) actually believed that?
Now we have sheep posting NYT climate change articles like they are holy script carried down from Sinai. There is a complete absence of intellectual curiosity when it comes to questioning these publications; they are accepted carte blanche. Those of us that do question are regarded as the loons!

None of this is should take from the fact that we should all be good stewards of our planet and its resources; my thoughts on that are clear and numerous on this particular forum. Some think that 'skepticism' equates to allowed 'abuse'...not the case.
Actually, please don't bother. I was hoping to get an adult answer from you to understand why you hold the views you do, but from this response I'm really no longer interested in what you think or why.
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