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Australia - land of droughts and flooding rains ....

and massive modern landscspe mismanagement too ....

One part of the country has seen some (but not all, such as highest temperature) temperature records broken, while other parts are in flood (again some record levels, or significant 1 in a 100, or 500 year events) ..... all of it tied to a late monsoon and blocking highs in the Tasmania Sea. Most of any fires experienced are invariably 'd*ckh**d' caused.
Several important points ate left out of this article:
* There is landscape scale mismanagement and destruction of natural ecology due to grazing/ agriculture, vegetation clearing, infrastructure, and suburban /urban development. Soil loss continues at greater than natural rates.
* Water resources, such as the Murray-Darling Basin are particularly mismanaged as revealed by the latest fish kills, and Royal commission report (see here: )
* Urban Heat Island effects on climate and temperature records are now coalescing to have landscape scale effects (the so called Urban Heat Continent)
* Sedimentation is a major factor in damage and bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef
* Federal Opposition leader, Bill Shorten, is a worm. (of the parasitic kind, as earthworms are lovely useful creatures)

Yearly rainfall comes down in a week .....


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