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Originally Posted by Nivado View Post
Hi Gilmore Girl,

I think I understand what you mean.
Once, I compared my Trinovid non-HD with an Opticron Natura BGA, both in 8x42.
I always had the perception of the Opticron being a little bit sharper and like you say, the Leica somewhat ‘smoother’, and that thereby it had a better resolution..
But when looking at a black electricity cable in front of the sky, the Leica showed more detail of the moss etc. hanging on it. I could really see that difference when holding them steady
I thought it was remarkable because I didn’t expected that:).

exactly. I took the CL (original version, not the latest) to the park yesterday and saw excellent detail of an old bird nest. A song sparrow was inspecting it and flew out of it. Plenty of detail but perhaps not biting sharp like my ultravid which seems to have both high resolution and high edge contrast making the image appear very sharp too.
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