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Hey David,

From what I've read so far about the Trinovid hd it's supposedly super sharp on axis.
Perhaps people are conflating the two terms again, I don't know and I haven't looked through
one yet.

Yes, I do remember the not so great impressions you had of the original CL. It seemed polarizing with one camp
liking it and others feeling it was underwhelming especially for Swarovski. I can't find the post, but I recall a year or 2 ago Chuck (Chill) finally getting his hands on one and expecting it to be rubbish based on past forum posts, but instead he was pleasantly surprised and liked it. I think expectations were quite high when it was first introduced.
I never had an issue with it except I'd like to see a wider FOV. Sweet spot at least is huge and I realize that's due to fuzzy edges being cut out of the field. But still it's nice to see most of the whole field in good focus.

I think It's comparable to a good Asian mid-priced roof (500 bucks) with a betterl build/construction and aesthetic design, perhaps a little brighter in the 30/32mm size with great ergonomic feel in the hand. It should have retailed around 800 bucks instead of around 1200 when it first came out and dealers could have sold it for about 700 new. Sales and used units could have been had for 500-600. I think at lower pricing it may have gained more acceptance in the forum...perhaps. The Swarovski name and made in Austria made the retail price higher. I got this second one for 780 bucks new in box and it's a 2015 production model. I'm happy with it. It's for light carry, casual bird watching while the 7x42 is always the primary bino.
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