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Originally Posted by Chosun Juan View Post
Hi Beth

Sounds like you've been bitten by the bug again!

You must really like the little CL if it has booted the 832FL out of a home! ...... good to see you with a nice lightweight option though, and handbag sized too :) - hope you enjoy !

Thanks CJ ! The CL has better ergonomics and is about 2 ounces or so lighter.
It's less bulky and slightly more portable as a result. FL is fantastic though and the optics are obviously better. But, as I said, the CL optics are certainly good enough to enjoy and quite bright for 8x30. One small surprise is that it works as well as FL with my glasses. The eyecups of both bins are almost flush with the ocular lenses and I think this helps. I've saved a little money too and that aligns with my other goal of saving for retirement. FL sold quickly for about the same price I got it for but ebay fees put me behind. So only around a few hundred bucks savings from FL to CL but savings is savings.

Just came back from optometrist and have pupils dialated. My mom had glaucoma so they have to check me each time for this and other issues.
Have slight cataracts :(
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