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I don't think the article is analogous to binoculars. The article describes the merits of having more pixels and how that "smooths" the image. And while this is accurate, the human/binocular equation is purely analog. No pixels.

I do think that resolution and (perceived) sharpness can be somewhat different things. Higher contrast can often affect how sharp an image will appear and also aid focusing. But the higher contrast optics may not perform better on a resolution chart, carefully viewed with a rest, for example.

I recently encountered this while comparing Nikon 8x30 MHGs to Zeiss 8x25 Victorys.
The Victorys seemed to focus a little faster as the point of sharpness was slightly more apparent. However, when viewing a USAF chart and other texts from a steady rest, the Monarchs ultimately resolved as well as the Victorys.
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