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May 5: Elstead, UK

My first attempt this year to catch up with the infamous 'Colin' Cuckoo on Thursley common. Only got very distant views of the bird, nothing like the close encounters I had last year. Star of the day was very much a Wood Warbler which we picked up in woodland just to the East of the main part of the reserve! A brief visit to Tice's Meadow on the way home yielded nothing of note.

171. Common Cuckoo
172. Common Redstart
173. Garden Warbler
174. * Wood Warbler

May 6: Pulborough & Amberley, UK

First to Pulborough Brooks to see the tawny owl family that had taken up residence over one of the main footpaths, then to the Burgh for a close encounter with a yellowhammer. Excellent views of both species!

175. Tawny Owl
176. Yellowhammer

May 7: Hartifield, UK

Rounding off a busy long weekend of birding with a trip to Old Lodge, in search of a Tree Pipit for the year list.

177. Tree Pipit
178. Willow Warbler

May 12: Salisbury Plain, UK

What a day! Whether you count the bustards on Salisbury Plain or not, it sure is an experience to go see them! Not to mention all the other unfamiliar birds I ran into up there! Another day that will go down as one of the best in the year.

179. Red-Legged Partridge
180. Corn Bunting
181. * Great Bustard
182. * Eurasian Stone-Curlew
183. Eurasian Hobby
184. Western Yellow Wagtail

May 19: Southeastern Luxembourg

My second foreign trip of the year was to Luxembourg... not exactly famed for its birding scene, but I did manage to squeeze in a trip to the Remerschen nature reserve in the Southeast of the country. Also picked up a serin, just across a bridge and over the border into Germany.

185. * European Serin
186. Black Kite
187. * Marsh Warbler

May 27: Wych Cross, UK

First night-time birding trip of the year. Picked up both target birds, but a surfeit of midges and a large nearby thunderstorm put somewhat of a dampener on proceedings.

188. * Eurasian Woodcock
189. European Nightjar

May 28: Hartfield, UK

An attempt at finding crossbills which had been reported the day before, but no luck on that front.

190. Woodlark

Total additions in May: 20
Total lifers in May: 5

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