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August 1: Oare, UK

Rather jetlagged still after flying back from New Jersey, but I wasn't going to let jetlag stop me from completing my phalarope set! A last-minute overnight trip to Kent means I have all 3 on my life list now!

297. * Red-Necked Phalarope

August 2: Oare, UK

A visit to Oare in the morning on the way back home from the B&B yielded a looong overdue year tick...

298. Common Sandpiper

August 4: Amberley, UK

Another bogey bird finally came off the list at the raptor viewpoint at "the Burgh"!

299. * Grey Partridge

August 5: Seaford, UK

Went to Seaford Head for the Pied Flycatcher migration, and ticked off my most annoying outstanding bogey bird! On a bit of a roll at the moment

300. * European Pied Flycatcher
301. * Lesser Whitethroat

August 11: Titchfield, UK

The lifer streak continues!

302. * Wood Sandpiper

August 18: Isle of Portland, UK

My first ever lifer from a seawatch! Also got plenty of confirmed European Shag sightings to shore up the somewhat dubious record I'm claiming from April!
EDIT: Found a gannet in some old photos from Gibraltar, so not a lifer any more. Ah well, still a year and country tick!

303. Northern Gannet

August 19: Farlington, UK

First time in a while I've gone birding and not got a lifer! Also went to Fishlake, but nothing noteworthy there.

304. Whinchat

Total additions in August: 8
Total lifers in August: 5

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