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September 10: Lymington, UK

The luck streak somewhat petered out towards the end of August... however, I kicked off September with a somewhat dubious sighting of my first scoter on Sep 1. This was followed by a confirmed sighting of (presumably) the same bird on the 10th in the same spot. I also spent 5 hours staring at a reedbed in hopes of glimpsing the spotted crake, but no luck there...

305. * Common Scoter

September 14: Lymington, UK

One last trip to Lymington before moving out of Hampshire for the forseeable future. Spent another 5 hours sat waiting for the spotted crake, only this time it paid off (after 4:54 hours!!)

306. * Spotted Crake

September 18: Farlington, UK

My first birding trip from my new base in Sussex and I forgot my camera! I'm almost glad the bluethroat didn't show, that would've been very frustrating!

307. Pectoral Sandpiper

September 23: Hamburg, Germany

A few days in Germany to visit a friend... Hamburg central bus station yielded an unexpected lifer with my first honey buzzard!

308. * European Honey Buzzard
309. * Caspian Gull

September 25: Duvenstedt, Germany

So they cancelled my ferry to Heligoland... ah well, time for some birding closer to Hamburg!

310. * Black Woodpecker
311. * Common Crane
312. * European Crested Tit

September 26: Bough Beech, UK

Back from Germany now, and time to catch up on the phalarope irruption which seems to have happened while I was gone.

313. Red Phalarope

September 27: Dungeness, UK

A few days down at Dungeness yielded my UK 200 tick! And a tick for 2018 as well...

314. Western Cattle Egret

September 28: Dungeness, UK

Finally found another bird that had been eluding me; and it was a very very good sighting! Maybe ~10-20m away at most, in plain view. Not what I was expecting from my first bittern!

315. * Eurasian Bittern

Total additions in September: 11
Total lifers in September: 8

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