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Hi Mike,

Originally Posted by Mike Beer View Post
Thank you for replying and I have looked at the link you sent. I can't work out how to trace this individual ringed bird. This is new to me I have never tried to trace a ringed bird before. is meant to provide the email address (or in some cases, the website) of the ringing project.

There are some sites that allow interactive ring tracing, like, but I think most ringing projects don't have the technology for this yet.

In my (limited) experience, you just send a summary of your sighting to the contact mentioned at, and in return, you receive a "life history" of the bird you observed. (Which can be quite fascinating!) In some cases, I even received updates whenver the bird was re-sighted by other observers.

It's usually a manual process though, so it takes the usual "human in the loop" response time before you get an answer.

Looking at the details of each project's code description as given at, we can probably narrow the list down to just two projects for your stork:


3D Printable Objects for Bird Watching:
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