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Originally Posted by Kalgat View Post
Good morning BirdForum!

I have a little question regarding my pictures.
Maybe I am too picky or I am doing something wrong somewhere.

My material:
- Nikon D500
- 300mm F/4 PF Nikon Lens
- TC-20E III (x2 teleconverter)

I posted 2 pictures with this setting, both zoomed in to see some details of the bird.
They were both taken handheld.

The Hawk:
- ISO 400
- F/8
- 1/2500 sec.

The Humming Bird:
- ISO 3200
- F/8
- 1/2000 sec.

It is all grainy.

I guess for the humming bird the ISO was a bit high which could explain the grain?
Is there a test in bright light I could do to see if I can get a better result?

Thank you for your advices!
It would help to know two items:
did you develop without applying any noise reduction?
how much did you zoom in/crop these images?

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