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binoculars for conservation.

Originally Posted by SteveTS View Post
As far as I can see it has been over ten years since this scheme has had a mention on here:
An opportunity to help others less fortunate by donating surplus or unused binoculars and spotting scopes (distributors and retailers with dead stock please note).
Please post if you know of other schemes in operation elsewhere around the world. Regards, Steve
I was involved years ago with refurbishing the donated binoculars.
One real boost to the numbers of donated items came from Dixons.
They had a promotion which gave up to 30 off a new bino if you part exchanged an old one. An RSPB member who took advantage of the offer, then contacted the HQ to suggest someone asked Dixons what were they going to do with the old ones. Dixons agreed to donate them to the RSPB as long as they left the UK market. The first count was around 1500 pieces and the HQ were concerned that I would not be able to cope with that number.
I said we can't turn down such a brilliant offer and we would cope somehow.
The number went up week by week towards the end of the promotion when it reached 11500, they stopped counting.
Fortunately the RSPB had a good friend at the local RAF Station which had spare storage capacity so a 40 foot container duly arrived and was unloaded.
Over the next few years and with the help of the local RSPB members, the whole lot was sorted, useable ones refurbished and taken back to RSPB HQ for distribution abroad. The rubbish went to metal recycling.

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