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You will be able to see a lot of stuff if based in Winnie. High Island and the coastline is a short drive south. Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is a short drive south, then west. Sabine woods (T.O.S. site) Sabine Pass State Park, and Sea Rim state park are a short drive to the east on Hwy. 73. All of these are highly recommended. Also highly recommended to look at the Houston Audubon and Texas Ornitholog. Soc. websites.

While at the visitor center at Anahuac, you can also get directions to the Skillern Tract area too. Lots of raptors can be seen along these roads that lead up to the refuge, but be very careful that you do not stop directly in the roadway, as these rural roads see very high-speed traffic. Local law enforcement greatly frowns upon this, so pull off the road if you need to stop.

If you get to Sea Rim S.P., look for the boardwalk trail. Very well worth your time to check out, as the birding can at times be excellent. Good place for reptiles too, including gators.

Be prepared for hot and cold weather. Freezing temps can be seen as late as April 1. 90 degree days can be seen as early as March 1. Definitely be prepared for rain, as the spring storms can be quite substantial at that time of year. Be extremely careful if you get near the water in some of these areas. It's more dangerous for small pets, but alligators kill people in Texas, every now and then. Be prepared to purchase mosquito repellant, or a bug net suit. Don't be in Port Arthur after the sun goes down. Definitely buy sunscreen when you get here. I would recommend SPF 30-50. I'll bet you already have a hat.

The Cajun restaurant in Winnie just south of IH-10 isn't that great, but it's the only place for Cajun around there. There is a Mexican restaurant in Winnie, but I haven't tried it yet. Let us know if you do. There is only one restaurant in High Island, located in the small hotel on the highway. Not very good, but it will do if you are really hungry. There is a church in Winnie within walking distance of the birding sites that will have barbecue plates for sale on the weekends, but I don't know if they will be up and running when you are there.
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