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Originally Posted by GLOBETROTTER View Post
For me the NV is the best because the flare suppression is amazing and side by side is very easy to notice it.

Sharp to the edge is useless for hand held binocular, i never try to see at the edge of FOV this is only useful tripod mounted of for astronomy, the better and more corrected FOV of the NV compared with the Ultravid series is enough for me. [snip]

[i] prefer the view of the NV and their superb flare, veil glare and straight light suppression because is a very very good advantage on field.
Interesting points you raise, and I agree wholeheartedly. Glare control, especially the suppression of veiling glare, and flare control in general are to me in real life situations very, very important. More important than many other optical parameters, including a (very) wide field of view or, indeed, a field of view that's sharp to the edge.

Good posting.

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