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I'm certainly enjoying the Noctivid. As I mentioned in another thread - For my personal tastes, the Noctivid offers one of the finest and most desirable set of compromises I've yet seen in a roof prism binocular. Thank the heavens for Leica who raised its finger at the 'cult of the ruthless field flatteners' and their fiendishly manipulated images.

I have just one teeny issue as a non spectacle wearer - I'm unaccustomed to a binocular with so much eye relief. I like to get cosy with a binocular. Specifications list eye relief to be similar between an SV and Noctivid, but the Noctivid clearly has far far more eye relief. Combine this with 10x and the fact that the eye cup click stops have a massive gap between first and second position, and it can conspire to make eye positioning slightly more fussy without vignetting. Ideally I'd like a setting right between first and second stop. I find myself fiddling with the eye cups a bit depending on viewing conditions. My natural inclination is to get my eyes in as close as I can. Even with the Noctivid I feel the view is simply better with my eyes as close to the Ep as I can get.

Just wondering - Any non spec wearers here with Nictivids? How are you going with the 10x Noctivid? What eye-cup position are you using?


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