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Originally Posted by Crusty View Post
In my younger days I was bitten by the photography bug. I acquired the Olympus OM system and shot Fuji X100 and Agfachrome -- films that I liked more than the Kodak film products. I still long for the Fuji and Agfa colors of the natural world.

And then ... I discovered the interactive world of binoculars and spotting scopes.

Whilst in college I had the pleasure of using one of the first OM-1s in the U.S. and was very impressed. 20 years later I replaced my Nikon MF gear with used OM stuff. Currently I use Fuji gear, though I have Nikon D500 & D7200 with Sigma lenses 120-300 and 150-600.

As per your bino/scope comment; late yesterday afternoon I went to the zoo for another digiscoping practice session. After a little over 150 frames (three ended up acceptable) I pulled the camera off the scope and spend some time just looking at the birds. Nice way to end the day.

Chatting online a couple of years ago with a friend just back from safari (and who had a difficult time with his photos) I opined thus: If someone offered me a once-in-a-lifetime safari but with the condition I could bring one camera with a big-a## lens OR one pair of really good binoculars (but not both), I would pick the binoculars.

Originally Posted by Kevin Conville View Post
Fuji jpegs are very good indeed. I'm not sold on Fuji being a better system than either Nikon or Canon for wildlife however.
Most of my shooting these days is with a pretty decent Fuji kit, but your point on wildlife is well taken. You know a company probably thinks that market is important when they include a 300mm f/2.8 in their lineup -- and a constant aperture long zoom as well. That's why I still keep my Nikon kit. I wish the market was big enough for Sigma to pursue a license for Fuji X.

P.S. The signature shot of the spider was shot with the D7200 and Sigma 150-600. Full frame at:

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