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Peter: Does anyone know the author's name and date of the taxon name Suliformes, or who was the first person who used this term? Also Eurypygiformes.

Me:{Suliformes is a fish name:
A review of the genus Corydorax La Cepede 1803 (Pisces, Sulformes, Callichthyidae) Is not that bad form??}
“Callichthyidae is a member of the Siluriformes (catfish); "Sulformes" does not make sense and seems like it was probably a typo” I agree it was a typo. The Committee cited Hackett et al (2008) for this name but I have not read it.

Me: {Mathews used Suborder Eurypygiformes in 1915 The Austral avian record: a scientific journal devoted primarily .}
The Committee in the proposal said it was a new name and did not cite Mathews. ICZN The Code Introduction: The Code does not fully regulate the names of taxa above the family group. Chapter 1.2.2 Articles 1-4 7,-10 11.1-11.3 14 27 28 and also regulate names of taxa at ranks above the family group. My question is under Article 10 is Eurypygiformes available???
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