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"Lifers" - usually on a "birding trip" or by chance when you least expect it?

We were crossing the Bonne Carre Spillway today enroute to New Orleans when we spotted two adult bald eagles. They were perched in the top branches of barren trees growing in the shallow water area. Their white heads glistened in the sunshine; we do have a beautiful national bird. We also saw about thirty brown Pelicans as we passed over the spillway waters. The eagles were "lifers" for me and I wonder, have the majority of your lifers been recorded while on a "birding expedition" or when you least expected it. I guess mine would have to be the latter. Just this winter, I've seen two lifers: scissor tail flycatcher and now the eagles and wasn't prepared with my camera or my binoculars either time. And sometimes, if you do have a camera at hand, circumstances prevent you from getting a photo. When have you seen your lifers??
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