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I went up to Norman/OKC Saturday. Went to Norman first and the crossbill showed up within 5 minutes. Hung around another 30 minutes or so to try and get a better picture. I finally gave up on the picture after freezing for 30 minutes.

So we headed over to Lake Hefner in search of the yellow-billed loon. Started at Prairie Dog Point but didn't see anything unusual. So we started around the damn and found some loons and common mergansers (lifer). The loons were so far out that we couldn't get a positive ID on them. Someone else said based on how that 1 loon was acting he would guess it was the yellow-billed. The guy was trying to get a better picture of the pacific loon. Later down the damn I saw him bring out the camera so I'm assuming that was the pacific loon we were seeing close to the damn, but I still can't be sure.

So to wrap up the day, I had 1 male white-winged crossbill (lifer), hooded mergansers (lifer), common mergansers (lifer), and a possibility of common, pacific, and yellow-billed loons (all 3 would be lifers).
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