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Pentax 8x42 WP focussing problem

Using Pentax 8x42 WP (first model) since 2000. I now notice that I can get an acceptable focus while turning the focus wheel from distant to close positions but not the other way round. If I overshoot the focus point and return to the focus point from the opposite direction (i.e. the focus wheel travels from the near towards the distant position) I can get an acceptable focus.
Adjusting the right dioptre setting or IPD does not help. I started noticing this after returning from a long journey by air, where the glasses were in their soft case in a hard Samsonite suitcase cushioned among clothes. The suitcase was in the baggage hold.

This particular difficulty is not there with a Nikon 10x42 Premier though I have the usual accommodation problems associated with presbyopia and fast focussing wheel in this glass. The Pentax focussing wheel is much slower and deliberate.

Does the Pentax need collimation or any other adjustment?

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