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Originally Posted by stephen b View Post
Pentax policy ( here in the states) is to just send in the binoculars with a $19.95 ( or close to that figure I think) check and they will analyze them and repair under warranty. Said would be set up in their queue and would be about 4-6 weeks repair time.....
I bought the Pentax 8x42WP from Adorama about 2001 during a visit to New York. I no longer have the original proof of purchase, though I faintly recall posting a warranty card to Pentax from Canada where I was living then. I suppose this means the "worry-free warranty" from Pentax no longer applies.
I have just heard from Pentax USA who state that the binocular will be covered under their 'worry-free' warranty if I send it in with either the proof of purchase -which I do not have - or with a note stating that I am the original owner: which I am. This post is for those in a similar position to mine.
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