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Out this week with my classes

Spring has finally arrived in Germany. The storks are on the chimneys, and you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Red Kite!!! So I decided to take out my different classes (I teach science) to look at birds and other critters.

I took along the Zen Ray 7x43, and Eden 8x42 and the Eden 8X50.

I let kids from 3rd grade to 10th grade use my binoculars all week! Anyway, I now have a bunch of kids that want to go out birdwatching with me!!!

They can adjust the diopter and the eyepieces now, and have figured out the focusing. All of the binoculars survived, however, the 8X50 were the favorite binoculars, but I think that's because they are so big. The Eden binoculars put up with a gigantic amount of pounding and dirty fingers, and came out strong. I was a bit worried to let the kids use my precious Zen-Rays, but the Zens are no worse for the wear.

Needless to say, I am very happy with all my binoculars. All of my classes and the Science Club are extremely happy with the binoculars. But for whatever reason, they were obsessed with the Eden 8X50s. Honestly, I think they were very easy to use for the little guys. They don't care about weight- only have to hold them for a few minutes and they have infinite energy.

Regardless, I'm glad that my kids thought the binoculars were 'cool'!
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