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Originally Posted by Alexis Powell View Post
Oh, that is bad news. I hope your report is not the first sign that Swarovski's latest artificial rubber formula is not stable. I have experienced this problem with some old Japanese binoculars but never with Swarovski, Leica, or Zeiss. My solution has been to treat the binocular with ArmorAll (original formula), let sit overnight, then remove residual. The rubber is never quite the same, but such treatment seems to stabilize the tactile quality of the rubber for a very long time before it needs to be repeated, if ever.


I will disagree with you about using Armorall. I have tried it, and it does make the armor too slick and then the armor loses any tactile ability it was designed to have.

So, I would not recommend using Armorall, I would just recommend a proper cleaning, so to preserve the original feel.

Now the original problem, I have no advice for that, does not sound good and I would be concerned. I do hope sticky just means tacky and grippy which can be a similar thing, unless it has gotten worse over time since new.

Good luck.

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