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Originally Posted by Boogieshrew View Post
Very intriguing to see Astro eps on the EDG. There’s a great choice of eps from Nikon but Astros open up a huge range of possibilities. And the EDGs are such great scopes.
I totally agree, the Pentax XW 1.25” eyepieces are indeed some of the best you can own. Below are the pictures of the now finished modified adapter permanently attached to the Pentax XW14 eyepiece. I have not found any info on the Nikon EDG’s focal length, I estimate this eyepiece to be 27.4 x power when used on the Nikon EDG 65 based on the FEP-16/20W being a 24mm eyepiece = a 384 Fl scope body dived by 24mm. If I am wrong with the EDG 65 focal length, maybe someone here can correct me having the correct FL number. I am now done with this EDG compatible modified eyepiece, I will be moving this eyepiece to the For Sale Section if anyone is interested. PM me if you have any questions .
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