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Broken Bow Water Treatment Plant

I've unofficially decided that the City of Broken Bow Water Treatment Plant will be my local patch. They are 4 500' square lakes, surrounded with "chunks" of broken concrete and brick, so not much shorebird habitat

Wednesday, August 29th - arrived at 17:40, stayed for 20 minutes. Limited view, as I haven't gotten permission to enter the plant. Saw 10 species:

EDIT: After reviewing a photo, I have changed the identification of the Blue-winged Teals to Northern Shoveler.

Rock Pigeon - ~30
Mourning Dove - 1
Eastern Kingbird - 12
Western Kingbird - 3
Barn Swallow - ~18
"Yellow-shafted" Northern Flicker - 1
Western Meadowlark - 1, juvenile
Northern Shoveler- 8, male/eclipse, female
Wood Duck - 1, male
Killdeer - 1

Not a terribly good start, but like I said, my view was very limited. I'll post the official list next.

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