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The Canon SX60 (or perhaps the SX50) are still among the best bridge cameras for birding. Sacrificing some focal length for sharper images at full extension sounds like a good idea, and I could mention some cameras, but if you look at more detailed reviews there is often a handicap: AF not impressive, or VERY long buffer clearance times. Apparently Sony has successfully fixed most of these issues in their latest model, but $1,700 is a steep price. I had used the Canon SX50 for four years and then decided it was time for a "real" upgrade. Now I have the Nikon V2 + CX 70-300. It's not as small as bridge camera, but the weight is below 1kg and is easy to handle for birds in flight, so for me it was worth the investment of $800 (used). Thomas Stirr's website shows examples.
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