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Hi Fugl,

Originally Posted by fugl View Post
A friend is seeking advice on a replacement for her c. 5-year-old Canon SX60 HS. She’s dissatisfied with its performance at full zoom and is willing to sacrifice some focal length for better image sharpness at maximum extension. She uses it almost exclusively for birding and wants to stick with the bridge camera format.
I'm quite happy with the Panasonic FZ1000. Since I have it, my (old) Alpha 700 + "Bigma" 50 - 500 mm tele lens rig has seen no use at all.

By the "advertising numbers", the FZ1000 only has a 400 mm equivalent focal length, but it delivers a lot of pretty sharp pixels since it has a big sensor.

Small-sensor bridge cameras might offer more attractive "advertising numbers", but I'd stay away from those anyway. My girlfriend has an FZ200 with a 600 mm equivalent focal length, but a small sensor - the FZ1000 very clearly beats it in any side-by-side comparison.

Additionally, the FZ1000 has a very fast autofocus that is as good as that of my (older) DSLR, a Sony Alpha 700. I've heard that is a problem with other bridge cameras, and I certainly know that it is one with the FZ200.

There might be other bridge cameras with the same sensor size as the FZ1000's which could be fine too, but I'd definitely stay away from cameras with a small sensor.


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