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Originally Posted by Neil G. View Post
I said in my above post that the canon g3x was capable of great results in the right just do not get as many opportunities to take "great" bird photographs with a bridge camera full stop.
I've owned the g3x and taken some cracking photos with it in the right conditions.......i also own a nikon d7200 with a nikon 200-500mm lens and im afraid that there is no comparison.....the slr with its big bulky lens will better a 1 inch sensor bridge camera in every respect......thats what i was saying.
If you want the best quality an slr is the only option.......better autofocus,better low light performance,better noise control,more flexability etc,etc.
I'll say it again,the latest bridge cameras are capable of excellent results in the right conditions,as ive said all along,but if bird photography is your main interest and you want ultimate quality,a bridge camera is'nt a patch on a good dslr and lens.
How many professioal wildlife photographers make a living with a bridge camera!!!

Ken,if you are satisfied with the level of quality in your sample photos,a bridge camera is all you need.
This is the problem we face when questions like this are ask, unless example pictures are posted as to what the OP is unhappy/happy with we have no idea what to recommend.
No getting away from it a DSLR is the best but it can often be more than is wanted.
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