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Diana, I really must stop you right there before you drive yourself completely and utterly mad. Please.

There is no "they" .... only you, me, and everybody else.

Politically and economically the world is probably in better shape than it was yesterday. Sure there are challenges, but also the will to tackle them.

You are putting together a conspiracy in your mind which does not exist. Conflating fears with loose, badly isolated facts, and some pretty dodgy opinions. What you think is reality, is in fact just the collective dreams of everyone else (granted just under half of them are likely nightmares). Make sure "your" world is one of peace and serenity.

Like Jape hinted at, far from all is known. I could tell you things that would absolutely blow your mind. Things that science will not discover for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. However telling you of spinning conscious balls of energy, beings and cities of light, the lady of the lake, excalibur, flying triangles, and things on the other side of the ledger would not help you much at this point - so I will just tell you that right at this very second, and the next one, you are safe and taken care of - remember that. Always.

I followed your links on power sources (did you look at mine? :), but an audible groan went off in my head when I read about climate change and nuclear power. Ugh. There is more than enough renewable energy in the world - but not the way we use it now.

It is true - we are living in a giant ponzi scheme, but it is also true that we exist in infinite abundance. The John Ward blog is some mighty pessimistic view - even Marc Faber is not that bearish, and he's far more qualified.

If you have degrees, no-one can ever take them from you, especially if you forked over the extra ($80 a pop here!) for the brass plaque mounted on fake mahogany wood ...... :)

As Ed has said to you - some research is comissioned merely for the purposes of rewriting guidelines, obfusicating issues, distorting policy, and lining pockets etc. Though, also as Joost has pointed out to you, the weight of scientific opinion may be slow to shift, but shift it will in the presence of overwhelming concrete evidence according to the scientific method. I want you to now go and read the "Desiderata".

Now, I want you to take 2 weeks for yourself - watch no television, read no papers, listen to no news, discuss nothing negative with anyone. Turn your computer and phone off. Go outside with the sun on your face, a gentle breeze on your cheeks, the earth between your toes, dip your hands in some flowing water, fill your mind with the best possible dreams you can imagine, your ears with the sounds of nature, your lungs with fresh air and just , b - r - e - a - t - h - e ......

When you return reenergised, rebalanced, and with new eyes, pop a scientist's proper hat on and just stick to the facts as contained in the literature. I'm sure you'll influence a lot more people that way, and more importantly be much happier and serene for it.

All the best, Chosun

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