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The OP has abandoned this, but my quick thought is that I love using selective exposure brushes to darken over-exposed sky, like in this one I posted earlier in another thread.

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You can typically recover 2 or maybe more stops, with the downside being the extra noise that shows when doing this.
I just did a trial shooting RAW only in the jungle, and I'm sticking with it.
Only 2 of my 27 keepers needed RAW adjustments, but that's still 2 out of 27. I'm converting them all to jpg on the pc, doing my sorting with the jpgs to make it faster, then editing any that need RAW adjustments to get a good jpg.
I'm then planning on deleting all the RAWs. Sacrilege maybe, but it's a nice, simple workflow with the main benefits of RAW built in at the start.
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