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Every few years I used to try and play with relatively representative examples of different manufacturers equipment, just to see if I am missing out on something. It is not scientific, but it shows strengths and weaknesses, purely from my point of view.

However - it was very apparent last year that at the obvious starting point of sooc shots that some images needed more manipulation than others to get acceptable results - in a couple of cases - just to get acceptable colours, compared to others shot at the same time.

I am afraid that I came to the conclusion that life was to short and I didn't like spending too many hours just getting to the starting point, so horrors of horrors I ditched Lightroom earlier this year.

Yes, I am now unable to use some of the brilliant features of some equipment and have had to adapt my photography accordingly, and I still shoot RAW on occasions.

The situation is now, much as when digital started to work for me and I reluctantly ditched my film darkroom - using labs for any residual high quality film work - I can shoot images that are acceptable to me without slaving over a hot computer all the time and I'm loving it.
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