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We refer to the gust of wind that preceeds a line of storms as the straight winds(comes from one direction)- as opposed to the twisting winds (tornado) that sometimes occurs with these front lines inside a wall cloud. This particular straight wind was quite strong for us. They clocked some wind speeds of 90 MPH in Ponca City, Oklahoma but by the time it reached us it was only about 40-thank goodness (my roofing comes off at around 100 MPH). The normal tornado season starts in March and ends in mid June. I can't remember a year without a siren going off and this year it didn't happen until ---JULY 3--really weird!

More on tornados if anyone is interested.

Yes they do produce some odd sightings as I am sure hurricanes do. Yesterday it was a Juvenile Lark Sparrow in my neighbor's yard of all places. I found about the same to less activity in the pecan grove. I think sometimes after a storm you have to wait until they dry out before they become active again. It makes sense that you won't want to sing and broadcast your location until your feathers were dry and you had all your flight capabilities back again.
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