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Birding sites near Salvador, Brazil

I will be visiting Salvador for a week in early October with friends and family. I hope to get away birding for a couple of nights, and I could do with some advice. I recently moved to southern Brazil (Porto Alegre), so this will probably not be my only trip to the north-east, and I hope to return to do it properly. For this trip, I just want to have some good birding and get my eye into the local species.
From online searches, I cannot see any major birding sites close to Salvador itself. A good option within a few hours drive appears to be Crasto. Boa Nova looks like a great place to visit, but I am wondering if it might be too far for such a brief visit. Any local sites around Salvador would also be great to know, even if they are not major birding sites; if they also happened to be nice places that family and friends would like to visit, all the better. I would welcome any suggestions from those familiar with the area.

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