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Originally Posted by TXdefender View Post
Now when I switch back to the SV 8.5 I feel like something is missing (though I don't know what). Lord knows I don't need to spend any more $ on optics.

......the focus is not as nice, and I FEEL like resolution (or something) isn't quite as good. But reading it seems resolution is equal. Don't get me wrong, they resolve quite well and the views are still pleasing just different. Should I send my 9yr old SV 8.5's to Swaro for a check up? Would the Noctivid fill what I'm looking for or am I just chasing a ghost!?
Regardless of if you end up getting another Leica I'd still get the SV 8.5 serviced, especially considering it's 9 years old. At the very least it's worth giving them a really thorough clean with appropriate optics fluid, optics wipes etc. if you haven't already. Simply wiping with a lens cloth doesn't always do the job (and should be avoided due to possible scratching of the lens from dust/grit in the cloth). There's plenty of advice on BF about lens cleaning, but if you've done that best you can and it hasn't improved things then send them off for servicing.
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