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Originally Posted by kabsetz View Post
These clear apertures mean that if fitted with an eyepiece that would give, say, a range from 30-90x, the scope would be a 30x57, but at 37.5x it would already be 70 mm scope and at 45 x an 80 mm scope, which does not sound too bad at all. At any magnification above about 1.75x base magnification, it is near enough to its nominal 95 mm aperture that the difference hardly matters much.

I'll write more later.

As you are continuing to torture us with your lack of additional writing... , I remembered to verify what ep would result on the magnifications you want. For high eye-relief with >70 AFOV there is the TV Delos 6 (29-87x, 72) and the Baader Morpheus 6.5 (27-80x, 76). That assuming that astro eps can be used - hope you can verify that also...
In my case I would prefer one of my 5 mm (35-105x) or 4.5mm (39-116x)...
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