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15.7mm ER isn't going to work for everyone. Must admit I thought for a while it wasn't enough for me either because I couldn't get the field stop sharp. When I stopped fiddling around and just used it seems it was just fine as is.

Yes there is a good helping of pincushion as you would expect. It did seem perhaps a little more than some of my other binoculars but I didn't find it a problem. The CA I certainly wouldn't say was high. Definitely not compared to similarly priced models. Can't explain that difference, or the sharpness. Did you do some kind of resolution comparison?

I wouldn't say that the view on the one I tried was at all "washed out". In fact the contrast is excellent, but I am sure the prism and lens coatings are more modest than some of my other pairs. I said the colours lacked vibrancy, as indeed the x43 models do compared to the Sapphire ED. I don't know for sure but I suspect the little Frontier may have aluminium mirrored prisms like other similarly priced models, but I thought the colours were better than the Nikon Prostaff 7 for example. I'd also rate the CA and contrast better as well.


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