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Originally Posted by typo View Post

15.7mm ER isn't going to work for everyone. Must admit I thought for a while it wasn't enough for me either because I couldn't get the field stop sharp. When I stopped fiddling around and just used it seems it was just fine as is.

Yes there is a good helping of pincushion as you would expect. It did seem perhaps a little more than some of my other binoculars but I didn't find it a problem. The CA I certainly wouldn't say was high. Definitely not compared to similarly priced models. Can't explain that difference, or the sharpness. Did you do some kind of resolution comparison?

I wouldn't say that the view on the one I tried was at all "washed out". In fact the contrast is excellent, but I am sure the prism and lens coatings are more modest than some of my other pairs. I said the colours lacked vibrancy, as indeed the x43 models do compared to the Sapphire ED. I don't know for sure but I suspect the little Frontier may have aluminium mirrored prisms like other similarly priced models, but I thought the colours were better than the Nikon Prostaff 7 for example. I'd also rate the CA and contrast better as well.


It is perfectly possible that there is sample variation. To me the contrast was poor and CA quite high. I didn't do any resolution testing - I just went with what my eyes saw. Sharpness was fine for the price point but I admit this is now technical and completely subjective.
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