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Today better be the last one of the season as I am sick of this weather. Stayed at my brother-in-laws, 5 blocks from here, again last night after the persistence of my 7 month along pregnant wife because it was going to start storming around 2am and snow straight through tonight. I've learned it's easier to give in then deal with pregnant mood swings, lol
Of course I left his house this morning to no weather change, however, in the 5 block drive it started sleeting and it looks like I may be better off with the 5 block drive back to his house tonight rather than the 15 mile drive to my own. They claim 12-18" today so I'm figuring maybe 6-10"
Either way we are here and I'll stay all day, however, if it looks like it's turning bad I'll start letting the other guys who have longer drives head out and get home safely, so, if you're looking for a deal on anything we carry give us a call, 516-217-1000, and we will hook you up as today had better be our LAST blizzard sale of the year
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