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Lazza's 2018 year list

SO, once again...I'll be keeping a separate list for each country I visit, so each country's list will be numbered separately. This top post will be used to keep a running count of each country's total, as well as an overall total of species seen across all countries visited and possibly list of anything else of note!

As there will be species that are common across several lists, the list on which that species first appears will be the one on which it is counted as "unique" unless the species is seen in the UK - my primary list - in which case, it will count towards the UK total (which probably makes no sense to anyone but me!)

UK: 149
Netherlands: 51 (6*)
Switzerland: 54 (16*)
Belgium: 20
Spain: 110 (53*)
UAE: 24 (15*)
Saudi Arabia: 26 (4*)
Former Yugoslavia (BiH & HR): 32 (1*)

2018 Total: 238

And, for the record:
- mammal total: 11

* unique species to that country's list
World life list: 536 (Terek Sandpiper, Abu Dhabi, UAE; September 2019)
UK life list: 228 (Red-backed Shrike, Newbiggin, UK; December 2018)
Morpeth Garden list: 70 (Willow Tit, October 2019)
2019 year list: 235 (Snow Bunting, Bamburgh; October)

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