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Finally, some migration to report!

Duck numbers and variety at Green Lane Reservoir this morning were up a little from previous days.

At the Walt Rd area, Wood Duck (3), Northern Shoveler (2), Gadwall (3), Mallard (16), American Black Duck (8), Ring-necked Duck (14), Bufflehead (2), Common Merganser (4), and Ruddy Duck (2) were noted. 19 American Robins flew north after sunrise.

At the Church Rd area, Snow Goose (about 270), Canada Goose (about 330 migrants), Wood Duck (5), Northern Shoveler (2, likely same as Walt Rd), Gadwall (3, likely same as Walt Rd), American Wigeon (1), American Black Duck (2), Green-winged Teal (2), Common Merganser (2), grebe sp (1), and Tree Swallow (1) were noted.

From my house, I saw American Kestrel (2), Red-tailed Hawk (2), Turkey Vulture (3), Buteo sp (3), and raptor sp (1) migrating north on calm/light N winds.

It is supposed to get cold again with breezy NE winds and a touch of snow. Winter is on its way back...again...

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