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Had a pleasantly busy day birding-wise. I went to various spots at Green Lane Reservoir in the morning.

Highlights/migrants at the Walt Rd area included Northern Shoveler (3), Ring-necked Duck (13), Common Merganser (9), Mallard (3), Bufflehead (2), Eastern Phoebe (1), and Fox Sparrow (1).

Highlights/migrants at Church Rd included Wood Duck (8+), Blue-winged Teal (1), Northern Shoveler (7), Gadwall (2), Northern Pintail (2), American Black Duck (6), Mallard (2), Green-winged Teal (13), and Tree Swallow (3).

Here is a link to a digiscoped picture that I got of an Eastern Bluebird:


Highlights/migrants at the Green Lane Flyfishing Area included Wood Duck (2), American Black Duck (2), Great Blue Heron (1), Eastern Phoebe (1), Tree Swallow (1), swallow sp (1), Fox Sparrow (1), and a possible American Woodcock.

I stopped at the Wissahickon Waterfowl Preserve in the afternoon. Highlights/migrants there included Wood Duck (7+), Mallard (4), Ring-necked Duck (14+), Common Merganser (8), Osprey (1), Eastern Phoebe (1-2), and Tree Swallow (2).

There are S winds (6 miles/hour) and light rain in the forecast tonight. We'll see how that bodes for action at the reservoir tomorrow morning.
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