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Fallout and some passerines!

An excellent day had, mostly at Green Lane Reservoir, with lots of action for an early spring day.

Highlights/migrants at the Walt Rd area included Wood Duck (4), American Wigeon (2), Mallard (4), American Black Duck (2), Lesser Scaup (28, high count due to fallout), Bufflehead (5), Common Merganser (28), Common/Red-breasted Merganser (1), Common Loon (1), Pied-billed Grebe (2), Horned Grebe (24, high count due to fallout), Double-crested Cormorant (5), Osprey (1), American Coot (1), Belted Kingfisher (2 migrants), Tree Swallow (2), and Eastern Towhee (1, first of year).

Highlights/migrants at the Ward Rd/Knight Rd bridge area included Common Merganser (35), Common/Red-breasted Merganser (1), duck sp (2), Common Loon (1, same as Walt Rd?), Double-crested Cormorant (10), Great Egret (1, my first for the state this year), Osprey (1), Tree Swallow (2), Barn Swallow (1, FOY), and swallow sp (1).

Highlights/migrants at the Pottstown Riverfront Park included duck sp (3), Eastern Phoebe (1), Northern Rough-winged Swallow (1, FOY), Tree Swallow (1), swallow sp (5+), and Ruby-crowned Kinglet (1, possibly wintering?).

Highlights/migrants at the Church Rd area of Green Lane Reservoir included Snow Goose (3), Blue-winged Teal (2), Mallard (2), Northern Pintail (2), Green-winged Teal (4), Lesser Scaup (1), Common Merganser (5), Pied-billed Grebe (1), Horned Grebe (20, I suspect different birds than at Walt Rd!), Double-crested Cormorant (18), Tree Swallow (2), and swallow sp (1).

Finally, highlights/migrants at the Green Lane flyfishing area included Mallard (1, possible resident), American Black Duck (2), Hooded Merganser (3), Common Merganser (3), Osprey (1), Eastern Phoebe (3), Common Raven (2, not migrants but certainly highlights and my FOY), swallow sp (1), Fox Sparrow (1), Song Sparrow (likely 5+ migrants), and Rusty Blackbird (6).

Truly an enjoyable day for sure!
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