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Originally Posted by ceasar View Post
Their "weight" and "hang" always drew many complaints as I recall.

I have used Nikon 10x42 HG glasses from around 2005. The first pair were US market LX glasses. The next pair, which I still use, are LX-L glasses also US market.

I have impaired vision. Their main virtues for my use were the relaxed view and faintly warm colour, particularly in the HG LX and the outstanding contrast. The view of seascapes, gave one the impression of having stepped into the picture: for some, the ultimate accolade in field glasses. For birding, they lacked the ultimate central sharpness of several porros, far cheaper than the LXs at their original price. There was noticeable false colour (CA) in the LX-L, even near the centre of the field, but changing the eye position improved the CA. The CA was rather prominent on cloudy days but was far better on bright days. Birdforum experts attribute the CA to the eyepiece design of roof prism binoculars.
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