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Originally Posted by Digbee View Post
I'm looking for some advice.
I spend weekends watching Starling murmurations.
There are some superb photos all over the place.
i am looking to take better photos, and want to know peoples opinion on the best lens to use to photograph large flocks of them. They can occur twice a day once as they leave their roost just after sunrise (Little known), and maybe 30 min before sunset. My opinion is this is similar to bees telling the rest of the hive (or roost) where the food is.
Fixed or Zoom, Sigma or Nikon Prime. (Money no object).
No budget constraints is one nice thing to have, but you'd better ask yourself how much weight you want to be lugging around / how do you want to shoot .....

As Jpac said at the high end there are the nascent 120-300 f2.8 likely around 4&1/2~5&1/2lbs, or the 180-400 f4 w/1.4xTC built-in at around ~8lbs

If you need wider there is the new Sigma S 60-600 f5-f6.3 at 6lbs

Or much lighter the Sigma 100-400 f5-f6.3 at ~3lbs ......

Or the faster but shorter, Nikon 70-200 f2.8 at around 3&1/2lbs.

There are others of course, but I think that just about covers the extremes of the ranges as examples while retaining reasonable quality ......

All depends what you are looking for most

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