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Suspect this will be final post for 2018. Been an up down year for me. Between moving from Florida to Tennessee and poor health part of the year it was a tough one.

Good news is health is back, I retired early, and am loving new adventures in Tennessee. Hope all have a wonderful holiday and will post again in the new year. Trying to plan a couple of trips in 2019 since health is back

Final results

319 Winter Wren Radnor Lake State Natural Area US-TN 05 Nov 2018 View All
320 Purple Finch Crieve Hall Area US-TN 16 Nov 2018 View All
321 Common Goldeneye J. Percy Priest Lake--Anderson Rd Rec Area US-TN 02 Dec 2018 View All
322 Snow Goose Tennessee NWR--Swamp Creek Road US-TN 15 Dec 2018
323 Greater White-fronted Goose Tennessee NWR--Swamp Creek Road US-TN 15 Dec 2018
324 American Black Duck Tennessee NWR--Britton Ford--V.L. Childs Observation Deck

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