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Originally Posted by Tannin View Post
If you compare correctly - i.e., compare finished images - not true. 50D wins comfortably. If you do silly things like compare 100% crops, you may well get this result, but it's meaningless. You need to compare two things by reproducing them the same way, at the same size. If you do this, the 50D is well in front.
I am not sure I understand. Forgive me for being a bit slow.

Taking an image with the same lens using both the 40D and the 50D. Cropping it and resizing it to let's say 800 x 600. Which camera produces least noise?
I almost always have to crop pretty heavily.

By the way, I borrowed a 500mm F4.0 and a 300mm F2.8 with 1.4 TC a few days back. The 300 was much to my likening. Here is a sample shot
The 500 was too cumbersome to log around in hilly terrain. More for stationary photography I suppose.

Now there is a used 300 in the local store going at 3500$US...........hmm.....

I also borrowed a 40D and must say I enjoyed having a full grip, big screen, 6fps and the wheel control....
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