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Originally Posted by Tannin View Post
You might as well do it now while you are still young enough and strong enough to carry the damn thing for a few more years!
Best compliment I have had for a time - I pick up my OAP in 6 weeks time

I have obvious concerns about the weight of the 500 but the way I look at it is :
a) I can afford it
b) As you say, I might not be able to manage it in a few years time so for me it is now or never.

I have also considered the 300mm f2.8 but would need to use a 1.4 tc at least and maybe a 2x to gain any real reach advantage of my 400 f5.6 Not sure that it would give consistent results with a 2x.
I know it would give me 420 at f4 with a 1.4tc but the extra light/stop is no big deal for me as I am a 'fine weather shooter'.
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