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different experiences

Originally Posted by Roy C View Post
If I was in your position Peter and it was a straight choice between the 40D and 50D I would definitely go with the 50D ( I was unsure that you meant this from your original post)

Upgrading from the 40D to the 50D is less clear cut IMO. I share your concerns about noise levels when cropping heavily. I can only go by samples I have seen of heavy crops where there appears to be more noise from the 50D than the 40D. And yet some people claim the 50D has a 1 to 1 1/2 stop advantage in the noise stakes. All very confusing

I looks obvious that 'Tannin' is not a heavy cropper like us so when he talks of the finished image he is talking about different things. Indeed he indicates that things like 100% crops are silly but I use near 100% crop frequently. I guess we all have different needs.
Yes, I have a friend who has both the 50 and the 40D. He definitely prefers the 40D still. Talks about the 50D being better in good light but producing more noise when cropped. I don't understand all the technical points. For me what counts is the end result and in my case that is webpostings.

PS> by the way, I produced a desktop calendar of Birds of Thaland for 2009.. it came out very nice as a high end product....has sold very well....all for charity...
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