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Originally Posted by chrisli View Post
I have both the 40D and 50D, both the cameras are a good upgrade from the 350D, I suggest you go for the 50D, due to the 1 to 1.5 stop advantage on noise level against the 40D. I know the shooting conditions you are facing since both you and me are shooting in the same region.
Any chance of some sample images to show this, I've yet to see any evidence that the 50D handles noise better than the 40D, in fact images I've seen on the web suggest the exact opposite.

Originally Posted by Tannin View Post
I have also owned a 400D and two 40Ds. Nothing to choose between these three either, except that I missed the back control wheel on the 400D and believe that it got exposures wrong more often than the 20Ds and 40Ds.
I'm amazed to hear you say that - I owned both 40D and 400D at the same time and saw a very clear difference in image quality. It was so obvious to me (tests done with a tripod and a 500 f4 showed this too) that I got rid of teh 400D for a second 40D.
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