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Dealing with Pigeon Colonization in Small Balcony

Note No 2: Please be mindful that I am not in the UK or US so the rules of removing nests do not apply to me. Kindly do not lecture me about that.

Tha situation at hand:

I have a small balcony that I wanted to plant something in but while I was away for about a month, a pigeon moved in and installed a nest on top of a wooden shade I built there. It was too late to move because I already found 2 eggs inside the nest. I waited until the eggs hatched, the babies grew, and now they're fledglings almost the same size as their parents.

I removed the nest, did a complete thorough cleaning, disinfected the entire area and I felt happy to finally have my garden back and got ready to start planting.
Pigeon family had more plans.

Few days after that, one of the babies showed up. Few days after that and he won't go away. He uses my lantern as a swing. He hops around the small balcony taking a stroll. He's not very scared of me because I used to put a ladder and stick my face in front of his checking the nest when it was up there. So I think he got used to me.

He's very very very cute and I'm starting to grow affections for him but I really really really want my garden back.

I noticed he flies but he doesn't fly as strong as his parents despite being almost the size of his mom already. If and when he gets super scared from me, he flies in circles and comes back to the balcony. I realize now that he's probably safer here than on the streets where a cat might eat him.

Because there's no nest, he sits in one corner of the garden on the floor or in the corner of the fence. even if there's no nest everyday he finds a new way to sit, explore... he looks bored and trying to be inventive.

I noticed his mom and dad throwing twigs in my balcony and to my horror two days ago I noticed they're building a new nest. Yesterday I found him sitting in the new nest.

I really don't want them to build a nest here. That shade is supposed to be holding a crawling shrub that was growing BEAUTIFULLY but I had to cut it down and now it looks so miserable and ugly but it was the only way to remove all remnants of the nest and dirt.

i'm OCD-ish. I'm scared of bird mites. I can't stand dirt. I scrub poop, I have been sweeping nonstop. I like birds but I really don't want them to camp here.
what should I do with this stubborn family?!

I wanted to ask if I put a bird feeder hanging from the wooden shade, will that somehow act as reverse psychology and deter them from opting to camp here? I figured maybe they're like mammals and find food near nesting as a threat?! If I do that, will they nest somewhere else?

Please help. Our building is under attack from these birds :( Sometimes their babies fall down and get injured too (another situation I'm dealing with).
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